DHW module eFWD 40


DHW module eFWD 40

DHW module eFWD 40

Central hot water preparation with heat exchanger based on the flow principle

Our DHW unit eFWD 40 heats the domestic  water centrally and supplies it via hot water pipeline to the domestic water tapping points.
A thermal storage tank is necessary in order to provide the required heating water quantity for heating the domestic water! The DHW water is only heated when “Just in Time” is requested. There is no storage of hot water!


  • Clearly written illuminated full text LCD display and graphic modus
  • Internationally understandable with up to 6 languages included
  • Self-explanatory operation: The assigned functions are shown
    in the display right above the respective input key
  • Easy and quick installation with the integrated setup wizard
  • Hot water control, circulation and variable stratification

Specifications eFWD 40:

  • Heat plate exchanger in x-flow principle
  • High efficiency pump
  • Quick and precise regulation
  • Vortex flow sensor
  • Accurate and responsive PT-1000 temperature sensors
  • integrated 3-way valve
  • EPP insulating housing
Type: eFWD 40
Art-Nr. 1630002
Buffer storage tank
Domestic water
Nominal pressure: PN 6 PN 10
Max. temperature: 110°C 75°C
Connection dimensions: DN25 DN20
Connection threads: 1" IG 1" AG
Dimensions (WxHxD): 480x675x240 mm

Performance characteristics: PI 1* PI 2*
DHW Capacity: 100 KW 90KW
Mass Flow Primary: 1769 kg/h 1745 kg/h
Supply temperature: 70°C 60°C
Return temperature: 22°C 16°C
DCW / DHW temperature: 10°C/60°C 10°C/45°C
Tap performance: 28 l/min 36 l/min

*PI 1 = Performance indicator 1 (water temperature set to 45°C, primary supply temperature 60°C, cold water temperature 10°C)
*PI 2 = Performance indicator 2 (water temperature set to 60°C, primary supply temperature 70°C, cold water temperature 10°C)