DHW station BM-F


DHW station BM-F

DHW station BM-F

for decentralized hot water

The domestic hot water station BM-F is used as a home station for the multi-storey and single-family homes.

Decentralized hot water production:
The domestic hot water is heated only during the request through a stainless steel plate heat exchanger in the flow principle. In heating systems with buffer, the heating water, according to the pressure loss during the dispensing process,
by means of a central controlled circulating pump pumped through the heat exchanger.
The station can be connected directly to a secondary district heating network or CHP system.

Control function:
Proportional controler PM-TD with thermostatic adjustment and internal differential pressure control, for quantity and temperature-dependent control of DHW heating.
The proportional controler ensures a constant DHW temperature regardless of the quantity taken, the heating water temperature or the tap intervals.

Meter distances:
A universal mounting distance 110 mm for surface water meter and a universal mounting distance 110 mm for heat meters to 1.5 Qn are integrated in the distribution cabinet.

Floor heating:
The flow temperature control is performed by a thermostatic control valve. The adjustable control range is between 30-60 °C, with maximum temperature limitation. The factory setting is 45 °C.
(Optional can be installed a control valve with actuator for outside temperature regulated controls.)
By default, a circulator with 130 mm length is assembled. Alternatively, a high-efficiency pump (energy-efficiency class A) are mounted.
When overheat protection acts a safety temperature limiter, the circulating pump switches off when exceeding the maximum temperature.

Type: BM-F
Size: S M L XL
Art-Nr.: 1200001 1200002 1200003 1200004
Cabinet size: 690 x 1275-1375 x 130-180 mm
Pressure rating: PN 10 PN 10 PN 10 PN 10
Heating water flow temperature: max. 90 °C max. 90 °C max. 90 °C max. 90 °C
Setpoint temperature hot water: 45-65 °C 45-65 °C 45-65 °C 45-65 °C
Pressure cold water: 2,0 bar 2,0 bar 2,0 bar 2,0 bar
Example performance heat exchanger
DHW performance: 29 kW 36 kW 45 kW 51 kW
Flow / return temperature primary: 60/25 °C 60/25 °C 60/25 °C 60/25 °C
KW entry / DHW outlet temperature: 10/50 °C
10/45 °C
10/50 °C
10/45 °C
10/50 °C
10/45 °C
10/50 °C
10/45 °C
DHW tap load max.: 10,5 l/min
12 l/min
13 l/min
15 l/min
16,5 l/min
18,5 l/min
19,5 l/min
21,5 l/min
Min. Required differential pressure: 350 mbar 350 mbar 350 mbar 350 mbar
Flow Primary: 705 l/h 875 l/h 1095 l/h 1240 l/h