DHW station BM-piccolo


DHW station BM-piccolo

DHW station BM-piccolo

for decentralized hot water

The domestic hot water station BM-piccolo is used as a home station for the multi-storey and single-family homes.

Decentralized hot water production:
The domestic hot water is heated only during the request through a stainless steel plate heat exchanger in the flow principle.

Control function:
The central control element is the combi controller VDP without external power.

The proportional controller regulates the heating water flow rate is required to heat the domestic hot water.
The domestic hot water draw-off rate is preset via flow controllers.
By adjusting the proportional controller DHW temperature setting is made.

Type: BM-piccolo
Size: S M L
Art-Nr.: 1400001 1400002 1400003
Pressure rating: PN 10 PN 10 PN 10
Heating water flow temperature: max. 90 °C max. 90 °C max. 90 °C
Setpoint temperature hot water: 30-60 °C 30-60 °C 30-60 °C
Pressure cold water: 2,0 bar 2,0 bar 2,0 bar
Example performance heat exchanger
DHW performance: 29 kW 36 kW 45 kW
Flow / return temperature primary: 60/30 °C 60/30 °C 60/30 °C
KW entry / DHW outlet temperature: 10/50 °C
10/45 °C
10/50 °C
10/45 °C
10/50 °C
10/45 °C
DHW tap load max.: 10,5 l/min
12 l/min
13 l/min
15 l/min
16,5 l/min
18,5 l/min
Min. Required differential pressure: 300 mbar
Flow Primary: 845 l/h 1057 l/h 1303 l/h